Every police and fire department deserves a public information officer and effective public relations.

Every small town deserves a press secretary.

Every small company and start-up deserves the same professional public relations treatment that massive corporations get.

Everyone deserves effective content, websites, and social media in this day and age.

That’s where we come in.


To deploy an energetic, aggressive team of public relations professionals wherever they are needed. To assist police and fire departments informing the public about incidents and the good work that goes on every day. To provide veteran media relations experience, crisis management, and disaster communications wherever needed. To produce clean, clear, concise content. To build and maintain an unshakable reputation for quality work.

Why this firm?

We’re not specialists, and we’re not “jacks of all trades, masters of none.” We do a lot of things, exceptionally well.

This is not 1997. This is not 2007. Public relations has changed more in the past two decades than it had in the 100 years before that.

Today, your company, agency, or department needs media relations, crisis management, content/blog entry production, social media management, branding, web design, and someone to sit in on the meetings and tell you what’s a truly bad marketing idea — and we’ve heard plenty.

Public relations is so much more than pitching stories and writing press releases. Today’s clients can help craft their own message in text, photographs, videos, memes, infographics, and whole blogs dedicated to their work.

Of course, the benefits haven’t changed.

If you’re in the business world, we can name the benefits — better reputation, return customers, positive press, one-day “bad” stories — but if you understand public relations, then you know what a good firm does for you: improves your bottom line. If you don’t understand the connection, we’ll show you. Just drop us a line.

If you’re in government, police, fire, EMS, or emergency management, the value of good public relations and public information officers is twofold. First, it builds trust and confidence with constituents, including the news media, social media influencers (we know how many people are listening to your scanners on Twitter…) and community bloggers. Second, it keeps everyone on message. We’ve done this before.

And if your department doesn’t understand the value of PR/PIO in government and emergency management, we’ll come to your meeting and teach everyone in the room why it matters — and we have plenty of examples of what happens when incident commanders aren’t media trained. We also know that most police and fire departments aren’t budgeted for a PR firm. We have solutions that will put a smile on the most budget-conscious chief. Contact us with any questions or concerns.


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