City of Rochester Announces “Code Enforcement Topic of the Month”

City of Rochester
Daniel Fitzpatrick, City Manager
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Thursday, Feb. 17, 2017

Contact: John Guilfoil
Phone: 617-993-0003

City of Rochester Announces “Code Enforcement Topic of the Month”

ROCHESTER — City Manager Dan Fitzpatrick and Jim Grant, Director of the Department of Building, Zoning and Licensing Services announce that Rochester is launching a “Code Enforcement Topic of the Month” initiative to raise awareness about code and zoning laws in Rochester.

Spearheaded by Compliance Officer Joseph Devine, the initiative will highlight a code or zoning topic that the department frequently gets questions on or compliance issues that city workers see being violated in the field.

Information regarding the monthly code enforcement will be available on the City of Rochester’s Facebook page, the City of Rochester’s website, Rochester Police Department’s Facebook page, and the Rochester Main Street weekly newsletter. Devine will also present the Topic of the Month at various community meetings throughout Rochester.

After the monthly topic is released, violators will receive a courtesy letter from the Building, Zoning and Licensing Services department notifying them of the infraction and asking for voluntary compliance. If violators do not comply, an official notice will be sent to the business or individual, and the city will follow protocol for issuing a citation.

“Our hope in establishing this program is to bring awareness and establish better communication with Rochester’s local businesses and vendors,” Devine said. “We seek to adhere to our department vision of being a leader in public safety, health and general welfare to enhance the quality of life in our jurisdiction.”


February’s Code Enforcement Topic of the Month is Sign Ordinance. Officer Devine and the City of Rochester would like to remind residents, local business owners and vendors of the following rules and regulations regarding signs posted around the city:

Temporary Signs

  • By definition, a temporary sign is a sign not constructed for or intended for permanent use.
  • Temporary signs may not be displayed for more than a total of 30 days in any one year.
  • Typically, businesses put up grand opening signs or signs advertising a special promotion. According to the ordinance, permits are still required for these signs.
  • Temporary signs, if approved, still must meet all other regulations in the zoning area, including size, color, square footage, placement, illumination and permitting.

Snipe Signs

  • By definition, a snipe sign is any sign that includes material that does not pertain to the business or location by which it is posted.
  • Snipe signs can be any size and made of any material, including paper, cardboard, wood, or metal.
  • Snipe signs are typically tacked, nailed, glued or otherwise attached to trees, poles fences, or other objects.
  • Snipe signs are prohibited in ALL of Rochester. They should not be placed on any public property or telephone poles.

Flag Banner Signs

  • By definition, flag banner signs are attached to a pole, usually placed in the ground, and used in groups to convey a sale or special promotion.
  • Rochester has recently seen an increase in flag banner signs throughout the city.
  • Flag banner signs are prohibited throughout ALL of Rochester. They are not allowed at any home or business.

Any individual or business owner with questions or concerns regarding the City of Rochester’s sign ordinances should contact Compliance Officer Joseph Devine at 603-332-3508.