Medway High School Student-Athletes Participate in Leadership Development Event

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Monday, Aug. 12, 2019

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Medway High School Student-Athletes Participate in Leadership Development Event

MEDWAY — Superintendent Armand Pires is pleased to announce that student leaders from Medway High School’s athletic teams participated in a day of leadership training on Tuesday, Aug. 6.

Students who were invited to participate included team captains and other team leaders from all of the athletic teams at Medway High School. Thirty-five students in grades 10 to 12 attended the full-day event.

Throughout the day, student-athletes worked on different team-building activities which challenged them to work together to complete tasks and overcome challenges.

In one activity, students were put into groups and given scenarios that may happen over the course of an athletic season. The groups discussed different ways to handle their scenario and any challenges they may face in how they chose to respond.

Student-athletes also took part in an activity where a statement was read and students stood in groups based on whether they agreed or disagreed with the statement. They discussed why they agreed or disagreed with the statement, teaching them that there are many leadership styles and many ways to handle a situation.

In the afternoon, students listened to educational speaker Alan Lazaros of Alan Lazaros LLC who discussed self-discipline, personal development, standards of excellence and conscious leadership.

The event was organized by Medway Athletic Director Jeff Parcells who hoped it would teach student-athletes about the true qualities of leadership as they prepare to lead their teams through the coming school year. This includes exploring how to be better role models for their respective teams and in the classroom and community.

“I want them to understand that being a leader or captain of the team is not just about telling people what to do, but rather being someone who truly leads by example and is there for everyone,” Parcells said. “I hope for these leaders to go back to their teams with what they learned and develop a mission for their team that incorporates the core values they all live by. If our teams and leaders are able to demonstrate these values on a consistent basis then our athletic program is heading in the right direction.”

The students who participated in the event are part of Medway High School’s Athletic Leadership Council. The council represents team captains and team leaders from all athletic teams at the high school. It currently has 46 members ranging from grades 10 to 12 and the council hopes to add ninth graders once the school year begins.

“Student-athletes today are focused on winning, but also need to understand the importance of leadership and sportsmanship and what it truly means to be a team captain,” Parcells said. “By including all grades in the Athletic Leadership Council and its activities, we hope to start the learning process of leadership at a younger age which will allow us to continue to produce great leaders for our teams and school community.”