Boston victims use Facebook to sting their alleged robber (who used Facebook to rob them)

He who robbeth by the Facebook shall be nabbethed by the Facebook.

A Mattapan man who allegedly used Facebook to set up a robbery was arrested after the victim’s younger brother took to the social networking site, himself, and used it to lure the suspect into a trap, according to a statement released by Suffolk District Attorney Dan Conley.

Jordan Searcy, 19, was arraigned Tuesday in Dorchester District Court on charges of armed robbery, assault with a dangerous weapon, and conspiracy after he allegedly responded to a 20-year-old Woburn man’s “looking to buy a cell phone” Facebook post. Using a fake account, prosecutors say Searcy offered the victim a phone for $300, and they agreed to meet — for some reason — in a dark alley off River Street in Mattapan. But when the victim arrived, cash in hand, Searcy and another man allegedly pulled knives and robbed him and his 18-year-old brother.

The victims called police, but officers were unable to find the suspects.

Not satisfied, the 18-year-old brother made a similar Facebook post, seeking to buy a cell phone. Searcy’s fake account again responded to the ad and agreed to meet the brother, but the brother didn’t come with cash. He came in a police cruiser and positively identified Searcy as the robber.

The second suspect is still at large, and the investigation is ongoing.