Hull’s Jacobs Elementary School Students Partner with Local Artist on Art Walk Installation

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Hull’s Jacobs Elementary School Students Partner with Local Artist on Art Walk Installation

HULL — Fifth grade students at Jacobs Elementary School are using their creativity to contribute to a meaningful art installation this school year, in partnership with local artist Carolyn Lewenberg.

In groups of three, students are painting buoys with designs that represent two themes: the Town of Hull and buoyancy. Students started painting the buoys the first week of November under the guidance of their art teacher, Emily Pestone, and were visited by Lewenberg on Nov. 15. 

Lewenberg met with students and described to them her vision for the installation, a series of buoys arranged in ‘starbursts’ painted by various members of the community, including students, residents and local artists. She explained to students that the starburst pattern is meant to represent the community’s commitment to the understanding that beauty is in variation and inclusion, and that interconnections is what creates a sense of place. 

“Being involved in this project has been a really special experience for our students, who have been incredibly excited as they’ve worked together to design and paint their buoys,” Pestone said. “They worked hard to create designs that represent the Town of Hull and how the community can remain “buoyant” as we work together to overcome times of adversity, and as a result they’ve helped create a very meaningful piece of art.”

Students are expected to finish painting their buoys this December, and until their work can be installed at the Hull Art Walk — a pedestrian walkway in the area of Kingsley Road and Touraine Avenue that has recently been revitalized with murals and installations — this spring, the Class of 2027 starburst buoy project will be on display at Jacobs Elementary School.