Northeastern University Public Relations Principles (Spring 2019)

Convergence Story

Do convergence journalism.

Find Three People who are either:

  • Dressed with their own awesome style
  • Whimsical or Musical
  • Representative of your generation
  • OR who work in a certain field (cops, firefighters, factory workers, fast food employees)

Photograph all three of them (can be with your phone or better camera) and write 1-2 paragraphs about each.

YOU MUST GET: Their full name, age, city/town they live, and occupation. You may not do the assignment on this campus, near your apartment, or in your hometown.

Midterm Curveball 2

As we’ll learn about this week, crisis management is something we plan for, and it can be a reaction to bad things (As you’ve already seen) or good things.
Like this:
As you’ve been busy on the product, personnel, event, hint, and special variants of this Apple product’s publicity, management has had another trick up its sleeve that it has given to its PR agency (you) just as you thought you were done with your work.
Apple and Elon Musk are partnering! The most revolutionary product in Apple’s history will be powered by a partnership between Apple and Tesla. The new battery technology can be plugged in (or solar charged if you went there in your project) but it has a special feature that is extremely rewarding for athletes: It charges from body heat. This amazing technology converts body heat to energy. The crossover is using the tagline: “The more you sweat, the better it gets.”
Please continue your project in a world in which this has happened. This will likely mean adding more shots to videos, changing presentations, visuals, etc. That’s how it goes in PR oftentimes!
But we’re not totally unreasonable. You won’t be presenting tomorrow. You’ll be presenting on March 12 after spring break.
Also, I know that some groups are clicking better than others. I see everything! If you haven’t contributed or if your group is unhappy or inharmonious, you have 15 days to get your houses in order. Let me know how I can help!