Logo and Website: Briscoe Services LLC

We recently designed a logo and a first website for Briscue Services LLC of Groveland, Mass.

Logo Design: Rochester City News

We recently designed a news magazine style website for the City of Rochester, New Hampshire. To go with that design, we commissioned a logo for the city that reflected the city’s style and architecture. A number of designs were considered, including lilacs and a trellis over the letters. In the end, the city chose the “bridge logo” and we are very proud of the work!


New England FOOLS firefighters organization logo design

JGPR recently designed a logo for the New England FOOLS —¬†Fraternal Order of Leatherheads Society — the local chapter of a nationwide firefighter charity and training organization.

The non-political Leatherheads Society was founded in Orlando in 1995, and the New England chapter was formed in 2003. Its president is Georgetown Fire Department Deputy Chief Rusty Ricker. We are also wrapping up a new website for them!

Making a logo out of a sign

Pub97_logo-01 copyMost restaurants and small businesses have signs, but many do not turn that sign into a computerized logo. That was the case for Pub 97 in Groveland, Mass. They have a familiar sign on a busy street, but when we went to design their website, we had no logo to use.

We had our design team take a photo of the sign and turn it into a basic computerized logo in less than a day.