Recovering from (and during) illness

At the end of 2012, Mayor Menino cut short a vacation in Italy due to illness. What followed was a lengthy hospital stay, a diagnosis of Diabetes, a broken back, an infection, and an important stint at a rehab hospital. It was the latest in an unfortunate string of health issues for the Mayor.

From a communications standpoint, it was important to have the Mayor talk to his city, even if he was not feeling 100%.

“I’m still out there fighting,” Mayor Menino said in an interview with WCVB-TV.

This was also important to maintain momentum in City government while the mayor was in the hospital.

It was business as usual at City Hall — Mayor’s orders. That message was most important, from the standpoint of crisis management.

Boston Globe Spotlight Team investigates Boston Taxis

Most companies and organizations will not find themselves on the business end of a Boston Globe Spotlight Team investigation, but when the focus turned to taxicabs in the City of Boston, the Mayor’s Office had to respond.

First, Mayor Menino ordered a review of taxi oversight in the City.

Then, the City commissioned independent consultant NelsonNygaard to produce a report and recommend changes. After meeting with the Spotlight Team and putting out a press release, the next step is to make sure the City follows-through in adopting the recommendations made in the report.

Of course, the report is independent of both the City and the Boston Globe. And the conclusions don’t just blindly accept everything the Globe report says at face value.