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Tuesday, June 12, 2018
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Littleton Middle School Students Showcase World Research at Country Expo

Kallie Ramistella (left) and Norah Kobaly in front of their projects on Oman and Nepal. (Courtesy Photo).
LITTLETON -- Principal Cheryl Temple congratulates Littleton Middle School students on their work to make the school's annual Country Expo a success.

Sixth grade students displayed projects they had been working on since March at Littleton Middle School's Country Expo on Thursday, June 7, in the school gym.

The Country Expo helped students to build their understanding of different parts of the world and develop an appreciation of different cultures and people. The event is the culmination of an in-depth interdisciplinary project that incorporates components of social studies, science, math and English/language arts.

Students shared their research they did into the geography, culture, politics, current events and other interesting facts of the country they studied. Presentations also included food samples from the more than 100 countries that were represented.

The multicultural menu included foods like guacamole, fried rice, poi, tres leches cake, milk fudge and Iranian chicken and rice, among others.

"I learned a lot about planning my research and time management for a big project," said Ella Bergon, a sixth grade student. "I learned a lot about different countries, especially Slovakia, which was my country."

The projects and expo helped students explore the research process, the design process for their poster boards and sharpened their public speaking and presentation skills.

"This project is a great learning experience for the kids and it teaches them both about research and global awareness, which are both important skills for this age," said social studies teacher Lilly Ogden.

Tyler Castillo presenting his research on the Maldives. (Courtesy Photo)
IMG_4261 copy
Elyse Barry explaining the geography, animal life and food of Antigua and Barbuda. (Courtesy Photo)

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