New Vending Machine Offering Healthy Food and Beverage Options Now Available at Medway High School

Medway Public Schools
Armand Pires, Superintendent
45 Holliston St.
Medway, MA 02053

For Immediate Release

Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019

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New Vending Machine Offering Healthy Food and Beverage Options Now Available at Medway High School

MEDWAY — Superintendent Armand Pires is pleased to announce that Medway High School students now have more healthy snack and meal options at the school, thanks to a new vending machine that has been operational this year.

“The goal of the vending machine is to provide healthy options for students throughout the day, particularly before and after school,” said Ryan Sherman, Director of Wellness for the Medway Public Schools. “It will help to fill a gap that hasn’t been met up until now outside of the lunch period.”

To use the machine, students will only need to enter their school ID number and the funds will be deducted from their school lunch account. Anything dispensed from the machines will also meet USDA guidelines for reimbursable meals, meaning students on a free- or reduced-lunch program will be able to purchase the food at a reduced rate.

The cost of items will be comparable to what is offered during regular school lunch hours.

Sherman said he expects the machine to be used as a grab-and-go option for busy students.

“So many students play sports, do drama or participate in other clubs,” Sherman said. “If a student has an early lunch, they might not be able to have a meal until dinner time. This way they can grab a healthy snack or light meal after school or on the way to a game.”

The machines will also provide healthy choices for students in the mornings.

“The only nearby breakfast options in the area are Dunkin’ Donuts or Cumberland Farms,” Sherman said. “We see a lot of students bringing in food from those types of places in the mornings, and we’d love to see them use this machine as an alternative.”

Director of Dining Services Shawn Fallon said food options will include a variety of sandwiches, salads and other protein-rich meals, as well as fresh fruit and beverages. But the selections will vary based on student preferences.

“Ultimately this machine belongs to the students, so we want them to have a say in what gets stocked,” Fallon said. “If there are items they don’t particularly like, or things they might want to add, we can swap items in and out as the year goes on.”

The purchase of the machine was paid for through the Medway Public Schools Food Services Department. The food will be made fresh and stocked daily, and provided by the district’s full-time food service provider, Chartwells Dining Services.

Sherman said he hopes to see staff at the school take advantage of the machine as well.

“Usually if students are in the building before or after school that means staff members are there as well,” Sherman said. “This will be a great way for them to also have healthy food options available.”