Hull’s Jacobs Elementary School Students Participate in Fire Prevention Week Activities

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Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019

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Hull’s Jacobs Elementary School Students Participate in Fire Prevention Week Activities

HULL — Superintendent Michael Devine and Principal Christine Cappadona are pleased to share that Lillian M. Jacobs Elementary School students received a special visit from Hull firefighters in honor of Fire Prevention Week last week.

National Fire Prevention Week took place Sunday, Oct. 6 through Saturday, Oct. 12. This year’s theme was “Not Every Hero Wears a Cape. Plan and Practice Your Escape!” in an effort to remind people of the critical importance of creating and practicing an escape plan should a fire start.

Capt. Roy Ahlquist, Capt. Steven Johnson, Firefighter Ken Resnick and Firefighter David Gibbons from the Hull Fire Department led a 30-minute presentation for each homeroom in grades pre-K through five throughout the week. The firefighters created a slideshow with visuals for each grade to individualize their training to target important fire prevention skills children at each age should know.

The following training was provided to each grade level:

  • Pre-K: Students learned and practiced the “Stop, Drop & Roll” maneuver on gymnastic mats.
  • Kindergarten: Capt. Ahlquist and Capt. Johnson discussed the role of firefighters in serving the community and how firefighters are community helpers. Firefighter Resnick and Firefighter Gibbons demonstrated how each piece of equipment is put on before entering a burning building to encourage students not to be afraid if they see a firefighter fully dressed in his or her gear.
  • First Grade: Students learned about how smoke rises and that they should crawl low under smoke. They practiced crawling on their hands and knees on gymnastic mats.
  • Second Grade: Students were encouraged to talk with their families about planning escape routes out of their home. Students were told that their family should have two escape routes out of their house and a family meeting place to go to when they get outside. They were also reminded of the importance of getting out and staying out.
  • Third Grade: Students learned about what fire is and were introduced to the Fire Tetrahedron of heat, fuel, oxygen and a chemical chain reaction which creates fire.
  • Fourth Grade: Students learned how to report emergencies. Firefighters instructed students how to identify when an emergency is happening and how to report an emergency to 911.
  • Fifth Grade: Students learned about safety precautions to take while cooking which can help to prevent fires.

Each elementary student received a fire safety bag of goodies. Each student was also given a poster board and asked to draw a picture that represents what they learned during Fire Prevention Week. Completed posters are due at the end of this week. Then, the Hull Fire Department will pick one poster from each grade level that best represents Fire Prevention Week. Capt. Ahlquist will announce the winners during Hull Elementary School’s November assembly and the winning students will get to ride to school on a fire engine.

“We’re very appreciative of the Hull Fire Department and their firefighters who come to visit our school each year,” Assistant Principal Kyle Shaw said. “They work hard to make their presentation engaging and tailored to each grade level and our students come away each year having learned important fire safety and prevention lessons.”