Stoneham Fire Department Welcomes New Member

Stoneham Fire Department
Chief Matthew Grafton
25 Central Street
Stoneham, MA 02180-2044

For Immediate Release

Friday, June 28 , 2019

Contact: Jessica Sacco
Phone: 617-993-0003
Email: [email protected]

Stoneham Fire Department Welcomes New Member

Firefighter Mike Paone, left, was sworn into the Stoneham Fire Department this morning. (Courtesy Photo Stoneham Fire Department)

STONEHAM — Chief Matthew Grafton is pleased to announce that Firefighter Mike Paone was sworn into the Stoneham Fire Department this morning.

Firefighter Paone is a 2014 graduate of Stoneham High School and was officially sworn in during a ceremony at Town Hall by Town Clerk Maria Sagarino on Friday, June 28.

Following high school, Firefighter Paone entered the U.S. Marine Corps. He was deployed to the Middle East and Japan as an infantry rifleman aboard the U.S.S. Ashland from 2015-2016 and also spent eight months in Norway and Sweden from 2017-2018.

During his time in the military, Firefighter Paone completed the mountain communication course, where he became proficient in all aspects of mountain command and control communications. He also completed the designated marksman course, military operating urban training and team leader course. Upon his honorable discharge in September 2018, Firefighter Paone had achieved the rank of Corporal.

“We’re pleased to give Mike the opportunity to become a firefighter after honorably serving our country,” Chief Grafton said. “He brings a unique set of skills that I know will be beneficial to community members, and we look forward to him joining the ranks this fall after graduating from the fire academy.”

Firefighter Paone is currently enrolled in an EMT course and will enter the MetroFire Academy hosted by Boston Fire Department at Moon Island on July 8.

Chief Grafton would like to thank Boston Fire Commissioner Joseph Finn and the Boston Fire Department for hosting the MetroFire Academy in July.