Easton Educators to Attend Conference on Substance Use Prevention in Montana

Easton Public Schools
Dr. Lisha Cabral, Superintendent
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For Immediate Release

Thursday, June 20, 2019

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Easton Educators to Attend Conference on Substance Use Prevention in Montana

EASTON – Superintendent Lisha Cabral is pleased to share that Oliver Ames High School Principal Wes Paul and health teacher Justin Tienhaara will attend the Montana Summer Institute conference next week.

The conference will be held from June 24-28 in Big Sky, Montana. The Montana Summer Institute invites public health professionals, teachers, administrators and others from across the nation to learn how to build healthy, resilient communities by focusing on the positive and celebrating healthy behaviors.

The conference and trip is part of a partnership between Easton Public Schools and Easton Wings of Hope to prevent youth substance use. Easton Wings of Hope is a community coalition that strives to help guide Easton’s youth toward making healthy choices that are recognized, valued and accessible to all. Its mission is to prevent youth substance use through education, awareness and policy change.

The trip is part of Easton Wings of Hope’s first positive community norms campaign. By focusing on positive community norms, Wings of Hope and Easton Public Schools will work together to help Easton’s youth choose to be healthy and substance-free.

Superintendent Cabral would like to thank the Wings of Hope coalition for funding the trip and entry to the conference.

Recognizing positive community norms is an approach used by Dr. Jeff Linkenbach, of the Montana Institute. The approach is used to transform public health by emphasizing the healthy behaviors that are already present in a community. This is achieved by addressing misconceptions and stigmas surrounding unhealthy behaviors, such as youth substance use.

“I am hoping that this conference will provide educators with a variety ways that we can further celebrate and reinforce the good that we have in our community and school system,” Principal Paul said. “We want to empower our students to have a strong influence on one another when it comes to the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle with positive life choices.”

To learn more about Easton Wings of Hope, visit www.eastonwingsofhope.org. For more information on the Montana Summer Institute, visit www.montanainstitute.com.