Kearsarge Junior Places 3rd, Wins Scholarship in SkillsUSA Baking Competition

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Friday, April 12, 2019

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Kearsarge Junior Places 3rd, Wins Scholarship in SkillsUSA Baking Competition

Kearsarge Regional High School junior Olivia Lord, left, stands with her baking instructor, Chef April Hall, after coming in third place at a recent SkillsUSA Commercial Baking Competition. (Courtesy Photo Kearsarge Regional School District)

NEW LONDON – Superintendent Winfried Feneberg is pleased to share that Kearsarge Regional High School junior Olivia Lord placed third in a recent SkillsUSA Commercial Baking Competition. 

Two Kearsarge Regional High School students attended a March 20 SkillsUSA event at Nashua North High School, where two separate competitions were held in the culinary arts and in commercial baking. 

Lord competed in the commercial baking competition, where she was tasked with baking a variety of goods, including muffins, eclairs, cookies, three types of bread, puff pastries and decorated a cake.

Each competition was timed, included a written exam and required students to share their resume. Students were judged on their skills, presentation, sanitation and uniform.

Lord spent significant time preparing for the commercial baking competition, and began staying after school late to practice her skills in November.

“I am incredibly proud of her,” said Chef April Hall, Lord’s baking instructor at Kearsarge High School. “Olivia worked really hard to prepare. It takes dedication to be a part of this. Both students were able to network with various chefs in the industry and meet peers who share their passion for cooking and baking.”

In addition to coming in third place in the commercial baking competition, Lord was given a $1,000 scholarship to the Culinary Institute of America and a $500 scholarship to Johnson and Wales University. 

Lord is currently planning on earning her associate’s degree in the culinary arts at Lakes Region Community College before moving on to pursue her bachelor’s degree. Her grandmother taught her to bake at a young age, and Lord has enjoyed the culinary arts ever since. 

I have always enjoyed baking and I’m especially thankful to my grandmother who got me into it young,” Lord said. “As a young kid there was no greater pleasure than hearing my grandmother call my name when it was time to bake. My favorite part of baking is that moment when everything comes together and my finished product is even better than I intended.”

Lord plans on competing in next year’s SkillsUSA Commercial Baking Competition as well. 

“This competition was really comprehensive, and challenged students to showcase a wide range of skills in baking, taking written exams, creating a resume, sanitation and presentation,” Superintendent Feneberg said. “Olivia proved herself to be a dedicated, talented young chef, and we look forward to seeing her continue to expand her skills and pursue her passion for the culinary arts.”