Video: Newport Police Provide Tips for Identifying Counterfeit Bills

Newport Police Department
Chief Seth C. DiSanto
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Newport VT 05855

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

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Newport Police Provide Tips for Identifying Counterfeit Bills

NEWPORT, VERMONT — Chief Seth DiSanto announces that the Newport Police Department and its law enforcement partners are actively investigating incidents involving counterfeit money, and encourages business owners to take care to ensure cash they receive is authentic.

Newport Police and the United States Secret Service are actively investigating several cases in which counterfeit $100 bills were provided to area businesses. To help business owners more easily authenticate bills, Newport Police encourage them to watch this short video by the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

To identify counterfeit notes, people handling cash should:

  • Feel the paper: It should feel slightly rough to the touch
  • Tilt the note: Denominations $10 and higher have color shifting numerals and a liberty bell that change from copper to green when tilted. Additionally, higher denominations feature holographic security ribbons.
  • Shine a light on the note: Holding the bill to light will expose a water mark identical to the portrait on notes $10 and higher, while $5 notes have two watermarks featuring the numeral 5. Additionally, the security ribbon should be visible from both sides of the note when held to light.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury recommends the following strategies if you suspect a counterfeit note has been passed:

  • Do not put yourself in danger
  • Do not return the bill to the passer
  • Delay the passer with an excuse, if possible
  • Observe the passer’s description – and their companions’ descriptions – and write down their vehicle license plate numbers if you can.
  • Contact your local police department OR call your local U.S. Secret Service Office.
  • Write your initials and date in the white border area of the suspected counterfeit note.
  • DO NOT handle the counterfeit note. Place it inside a protective cover, a plastic bag, or envelope to protect it until you place it in the hands of an IDENTIFIED Secret Service Agent.
  • Surrender the note or coin ONLY to a properly identified police officer or a Secret Service Special Agent, or mail it to your nearest U.S. Secret Service field office.

“Businesses should take care to ensure they are only accepting authentic currency, and should take these steps to protect themselves,” Chief DiSanto said. “Our officers are working in close partnership with the Secret Service and other law enforcement agencies to identify whoever is responsible for these counterfeit notes so that they may be held accountable.”