Medway High School to Launch Global Leadership and Citizenship Certificate Program

Medway Public Schools
Armand Pires, Superintendent
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For Immediate Release

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

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Medway High School to Launch Global Leadership and Citizenship Certificate Program

MEDWAY — Superintendent Armand Pires is pleased to announce that future Medway High students will have the option to earn a certification in global leadership and citizenship.

Beginning this fall with the class of 2023, students will have the opportunity to work towards the certification over the length of their high school careers.

Students currently enrolled at Medway High School in the classes of 2020-2022 will also have the option to meet with their counselor and dean to create an individualized plan should they wish to pursue the certification.

“As society becomes more interconnected, largely because of technology, students need to have the tools to recognize varying viewpoints, communicate to diverse groups of people, and appreciate different cultures,” said Medway High School Principal John Murray. “This certification will help students develop and exercise those skills.”

The certification emphasizes critical thinking and communication skills, and seeks to teach students the importance of global citizenship and contributing to the global community.

To earn the certification, students will be required to take at least four years of a world language class and receive a grade of B or higher. Students will also be asked to take a minimum of five classes designed as global leadership and citizenship courses.

In order to broaden students’ understanding of the world, the certification also requires students to travel internationally on a school sponsored trip, host an international student, or participate in an experience that immerses the student in challenging cross-cultural work. Students seeking the certification must also complete a minimum of 20 hours of community service during which they will be heavily exposed to another world culture or world issue. Ideally, students will use their foreign language skills as part of this community service.

“This certification will thoroughly prepare students to communicate with diverse populations and make an impact,” Principal Murray said. “We know this curriculum will challenge students, but we also hope that it will inspire them as they move on to adulthood and contribute to the global community.”

Medway High School seniors working on their certifications in global leadership and citizenship will also be asked to complete a senior project where they either plan and run an activity for other students and write a reflection essay, extensively research a country or culture, or explore a country, culture, or world issue through a minimum of three extra-curricular activities.

Students working toward the certification will also create an artifact that reflects their experiences in the certification program, give a 10-15 minute presentation sharing their experience, write a resume, and create a portfolio.