Easton Community Group Launches Fundraising Effort for Turf and Track Resurfacing at Oliver Ames High School

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Easton Community Group Launches Fundraising Effort for Turf and Track Resurfacing at Oliver Ames High School

Friends of Easton Community Athletic Complex Seek to Raise $200,000

EASTON — Easton Public Schools Athletic Director Bill Matthews is pleased to share that the Friends of Easton Community Athletic Complex has launched a fundraising initiative to support much needed repairs to the turf field and synthetic track at Muscato Stadium at Oliver Ames High School.

The Friends of Easton Community Athletic Complex, a private nonprofit group, have set a fundraising goal of $200,000 to help support the cost of the project. In addition, a portion of the funding will be sought through an article on the warrant at the May Town Meeting.

In 2008, the Friends of Easton Community Athletic Complex generated $500,000 in private donations to support the large-scale renovation of the stadium, which included installing a new turf playing field, synthetic track and bleachers that were compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The approximately 10-year-old track and field are now nearing the end of their projected eight to 10 year lifespan and the field is estimated to have about 20,000 hours of use under its belt. While the field and track are currently safe for use, the facility has begun to deteriorate.

Due to normal wear and ultraviolet ray damage, the turf fibers are breaking down on the field, which creates a harder playing surface that can become unsafe over time. The rubberized track surface has also begun to wear down, and could require a full replacement of the track at three times the cost of resurfacing, if repairs are not made soon.

“This is really about making sure the surfaces are renewed at the right time so it doesn’t cost more money to renew them later,” said Fred Murray, the Chair of the Friends of Easton Community Athletic Complex Committee. “The turf and track are two of the most utilized recreational resources in the town, and we must do what is necessary to keep the facility safe, open, and accessible to all.”

Proposed repairs at the facility include resurfacing the track and turf field, installing additional padding for shock absorption and adding permanent posts for ball netting.

The project is estimated to cost $812,317, and the committee plans to fund the work with a combination of private fundraising, capital funds, and also Community Preservation Act funding, subject to approval at Town Meeting in May.

Those interested in donating can do so by visiting friendsofeaston.com/donate.

“The stadium facilities are a community resource,” Matthews said. “Youth groups, sports teams, the marching band and community members looking to walk or jog on the track all use this facility. Kids frequently play pick-up games on the field. It’s a wonderful asset to Easton, and the responsible next step is to execute the project so we can continue to provide a high quality venue for all those who use the facility.”

If the project is approved at Town Meeting in May, the district plans to begin construction this summer.

For more information, please visit friendsofeaston.com/.