Newbury Residents Now Able to Purchase, Activate Burn Permits Online

Newbury Fire Department
Chief Douglas Janvrin
3 Morgan Ave.
Newbury, MA 019510

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2019

Contact: John Guilfoil
Phone: 617-993-0003
Email: [email protected]

Newbury Residents Now Able to Purchase, Activate Burn Permits Online

Residents can purchase or activate burn permits online by visiting and going to the “Helpful Links” tab on the menu. (Courtesy Photo)

NEWBURY — Chief Douglas Janvrin and the Newbury Fire Department are pleased to announce that residents will now be able to purchase and activate their burn permits online.

The state’s open burning season begins Jan.15 and runs through May 1.

By visiting, residents can obtain information about opening burning and purchase/activate permits under the “Helpful Links” tab of the website. Residents can also access this information by visiting and clicking on the “online payments” section of the site. Users will then be directed to the City Hall Systems page and should click on the fire department link under the “select bill type” box on the left side of the page, where they’ll be able to activate or buy a burn permit.

Burn permits are $10 (plus a processing fee). Once the permit has been processed, residents can activate their burn permit (through the same portal from which it was purchased) from 9:30 a.m. to noon.

Each morning, Chief Janvrin will determine if burning will be permitted for that day. When requesting activation for your permit on any given day, the website will indicate if burning is allowed.

Chief Janvrin would like to remind residents that open burning can only be conducted with a permit issued by the Newbury Fire Department. Violations of the permit requirements, open burning law and/or open burning regulations will be grounds for permit revocation. Massachusetts law also dictates that anyone found burning without a permit may be subject to criminal charges.