Police Conduct Scheduled K-9 Search at King Philip Middle School Today

For Immediate Release

Friday, Jan. 11, 2019

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Police Conduct Scheduled K-9 Search at King Philip Middle School Today

NORFOLK — Superintendent Paul Zinni, Principal/Assistant Superintendent Susan Gilson and Norfolk Police Chief Charles H. Stone Jr. report that a scheduled police K-9 search of King Philip Regional Middle School was conducted Friday morning.

The search was conducted by Norfolk Police at approximately 9:30 a.m. and lasted about 30 minutes. K-9 searches are done at the school at least once each school year.

A notice has been sent out to parents that the search was conducted.

As a result of the search, there were no positive alerts by the K-9 and no illegal or potentially harmful contraband was found.

“Student safety is one of our top priorities and searches like today’s are a routine part of keeping the middle school safe and secure,” Chief Stone said.

As part of the standard operating procedure of the search, the school was briefly sheltered in place. Once the search was completed, the shelter in place order was lifted. The school day then continued on a regular schedule.

“I was pleased to see that the search yielded similar results to the one that was done at the high school back in November, where no contraband or illegal items were found,” Superintendent Zinni said. “We are thankful to Chief Stone and the Norfolk Police for helping to keep our middle school safe and we value our partnership with the department.”

Parents or residents who have questions or concerns can call the King Philip Regional School District administration office at 508-520-7991 or the Norfolk Police Department at 508-528-3206.

“Even though nothing was found in the search, a day like today is the perfect time for parents to talk to their children about drugs, alcohol and tobacco,” Principal Gilson said.

Resources for parents can be found by clicking the links from the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

It should be noted that about an hour after the search concluded, the school briefly sheltered in place again to allow for an ambulance and paramedics to come to the school for an unrelated medical emergency.