Hull Public Schools Receive Generous Donation to Purchase Multi-functional School Bus

Hull Public Schools
Michael F. Devine, Superintendent
180 Harborview Road
Hull, MA 02045

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2018

Contact: John Guilfoil
Phone: 617-993-0003
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Hull Public Schools Receive Generous Donation to Purchase Multi-functional School Bus

Left to right: Juniors Chad Noto, Noah Lanner, Lauren Anastos, Ryan Hanlon, Sam Taverna, Shelly Craig, Tess Froio and Hannah Duran with Hull Public Schools’ new activity bus. (Courtesy Photo Hull Public Schools)

HULL — Superintendent Michael Devine is pleased to announce that, through a generous donation from the James and Mary McNamara Foundation, Hull Public Schools were able to purchase a multi-functional activity bus.

The 14-passenger bus, which the district received this month, will be used to transport smaller athletic teams, students in extracurricular clubs, field trip groups and teachers attending professional development seminars.

With the addition of the new bus, the district will also save money on transportation, as it can keep costs in-house as opposed to contracting with an outside provider.

“We feel so thankful and fortunate to have received this donation from the James and Mary McNamara Foundation to purchase our first multi-functional school activity bus,” Superintendent Devine said. “It is a great addition to the district and we’re pleased to be able to save taxpayers money while supporting our district programs.”