Nahant Firefighters Participate in Pump Training

Nahant Fire Department
Chief Michael Feinberg
67 Flash Road
Nahant, MA 01908

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Friday, Nov. 9, 2018

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Nahant Firefighters Participate in Pump Training

Nahant firefighters took part in a two-day training on pump operation. (Courtesy Photo)

NAHANT — Chief Michael Feinberg reports that members of the Nahant Fire Department recently took part in specialized pump training to sharpen their skills.

On Nov. 2-3, 16 Nahant firefighters participated in a training exercise meant to enhance their proficiency with fire engine pumps, which would ultimately protect department equipment from unnecessary damage and make their response to fire conditions more efficient.

The training was provided by Fire Department Support Systems, which provides training to area firefighters from departments of all sizes.

“This program will ultimately be a great benefit to our department and our community,” Chief Feinberg said. “Our firefighters will ultimately be more prepared to respond during emergency situations and will have the expertise they need to act quickly when faced with working fires.”

As part of the training, each firefighter was given 45 minutes to troubleshoot hands-on scenarios that could arise in a real-world setting, in order to ensure they’re better prepared to overcome any problems that may arise later on.