Jacobs School Students Expand STEAM Work with Ozobots

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Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018

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Jacobs School Students Expand STEAM Work with Ozobots

HULL — The Lillian M. Jacobs Elementary School has some exciting new technology in the form of an Ozobot.

This tiny robot is capable of following lines, sensing colors and interpreting sequences of color codes into commands. Through Ozobot’s sensors, it can read floor signs approximately 150 times per second to detect red, green, blue, black and white areas and react accordingly.

The Jacobs School purchased two classroom kits — 22 Ozobot Bits and 22 Ozobot Evos — that are used in Kerrie Ryan’s Technology class for hands-on science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) learning.

Students in kindergarten through fifth grade visit Ryan’s class once to twice a week and work on learning how to code their pocket-sized robot to perform tasks. Ozobot has more than 25 unique color code commands that control speed, behavior and decision making.

Children have experimented with turbo, snail dose, tornado, zigzag and u-turn commands and are practicing creating just the right line so the Evos and Bits can correctly follow their coding.

“Ozobots are a great tool for teaching children the basics of coding, and it makes STEAM learning engaging for students,” Principal Christine Cappadona said. “Students have really enjoyed experimenting with coding to have their Ozobots move, explore and play.”

The Ozobots will also support Jacobs School’s work during Computer Science Education Week and its Hour of Code event. Additionally, an after school Ozobot club is now being offered to students in grades three through five who want to expand their knowledge and skills.