Statement of Rockland Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Alan Cron

Rockland Public Schools
Superintendent Dr. Alan Cron
34 MacKinlay Way,
Rockland, MA 02370

For Immediate Release

Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018

Contact: Benjamin Paulin
Phone: 781-428-3299
Email: [email protected]

Statement of Rockland Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Alan Cron

ROCKLAND — Superintendent Dr. Alan Cron issues the following clarifying statement to the community:

“Earlier today, I was informed that an inaccurate statement was posted on social media, apparently by a guidance employee at South Shore Vocational Technical High School, indicating that the Rockland Public Schools were no longer allowing the regional vocational school to interview its 8th grade students.

“Were this statement true, it would be a significant controversy and run contrary to our values and mission as a school district. To clarify, the Rockland Public Schools as a district has a very positive working relationship with South Shore Tech, and we greatly value that relationship and partnership. The number of issues competing for our students’ attention during the school day is constantly increasing. Classroom time is vital, and we must be judicious about how often we pull students out of class.

“With that in mind, a number of opportunities, including interviews with vocational, private, charter, and other high schools are still being conducted at the John W. Rogers Middle School, as always. However the interviews are being scheduled immediately after the conclusion of the school day. We encourage all students to explore all educational opportunities, but we are mindful of the requirements of the school day on a modern eighth grader. As a result, interviews are being conducted after school.

“The Rockland Public Schools offers equal access and time for all secondary school options, including Rockland High School, South Shore Tech, charter schools, private schools and other vocational programs. Every school has equal access to 8th graders so that they may choose the best option with their families.

“I sincerely regret any confusion this has caused. I have been in contract with Superintendent/Director Thomas J. Hickey at South Shore Tech. I encourage any member of the community with any questions, to call my office anytime at 781-878-3893, and of course my door is always open.”