UPDATE #7 (9:15 p.m.) Andover Public Safety Officials Provide Update on Gas Emergency


Saturday, Sept. 15, 2018

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Andover Public Safety Officials Provide Update on Gas Emergency

ANDOVER — Town Manager Andrew P. Flanagan, Police Chief Patrick Keefe and Fire Chief Michael B. Mansfield report that the Town of Andover expects residents will be able to return to their homes early tomorrow morning. 

Eversource Energy notified town officials that, of the 2,078 affected gas meters in Andover, more than 1,500 have now been shut down and cleared. Fourteen additional streets have been moved to the “Cleared” list in the last hour.

Town officials are working closely with utility crews, moving street by street to restore power to customers. The Town of Andover expects this work to be substantially completed by 7 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 16.

Town officials continue to update the cleared streets list on the Town website. To view that list, click here.

Residents in the “cleared” zone may return home immediately, but please note that gas service is not yet restored, and may not be for some time.

More than 100 teams of gas technicians, police officers, and firefighters are working in Andover at this time.

Residents whose homes are on the clear list, but whose gas was shut off as a precaution, should NOT attempt to turn their gas back on. Eversource crews will restore service when it is safe to do so, and residents should wait for Eversource to restore their service. 

“We have made significant progress toward making our neighborhoods safe for residents to go home, and I want to thank everyone for their patience while we work through this process,” Town Manager Flanagan said. “We’re grateful for the sustained support of our colleagues with the state and federal governments, as well as for the hundreds of police and firefighters who came to Andover to help preserve the safety of our community.”:

Eversource crews, in close cooperation with Andover Police and Fire personnel, are continuing the process of going door to door to shut off meters and ensure homes and businesses are safe to occupy. .

The senior center will remain open through tomorrow morning for residents who have been displaced.

Updates will be made at www.andoverma.gov and on the town’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.