Canton Firefighters Responding to Provide Support in Merrimack Valley and North Carolina

Canton Fire Department
Chief Charles E. Doody
99 Revere St.
Canton, MA 02021

For Immediate Release

Friday, Sept. 14, 2018

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Phone: 781-428-3299
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Canton Firefighters Responding to Provide Support in Merrimack Valley and North Carolina

CANTON — Chief Charles E. Doody reports that several members of the Canton Fire Department have been deployed and are on standby to provide support with emergency situations in the Merrimack Valley and North Carolina.

On Thursday night, dozens of explosions and fires were reported at several homes and buildings in Andover, North Andover and Lawrence, due to what is believed to be an issue with the gas service in those communities. One person has died and several others were injured.

On Friday morning, members of Canton Fire Department Ladder 1 were deployed to Lawrence as part of a Norfolk County task force assisting with operations in the affected communities. Lt. Ryan Patrician, Firefighter John Buckley, Firefighter Tom Brown, Firefighter Rowan Olmstead and Firefighter Keith Ryan will be going door-to-door in Lawrence to make sure that residents’ gas lines are shut off in their homes.

“We want to provide as much assistance as we can to those communities,” Chief Doody said. “Hopefully the situation will continue to deescalate throughout the day today and our hearts go out to those who have been impacted by this terrible incident.”

As Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina and South Carolina yesterday, multiple Canton firefighters will be heading down to provide support and assistance to operations there.

Captain Andy Morgan and Captain Wendell Robery have been mobilized as part of the Norfolk County Technical Rescue Team as technical rescue specialists.

They will be deploying on Saturday morning to North Carolina where they will assist with rescue operations. Captain Morgan and Captain Robery are highly trained in water rescues, collapse rescues and high angle rescues.

They will be driving Canton Squad 1, a Ford F-550 truck, with a technical rescue trailer in tow full of necessary supplies and equipment.

In addition, Firefighter John Tsohandaridis, a flight medic for the Army National Guard, has been notified that he is on standby to go to North Carolina and South Carolina to assist with rooftop rescues. He is part of a Blackhawk helicopter battalion out of Barnes Air Force Base in Westfield.

“Canton is fortunate to have so many of its firefighters with the specialized training that allows them to assist others in need throughout the county and wherever else they may be needed,” Chief Doody said. “We are very proud of their commitment and wish for their safe return soon.”

Extra personnel have been called in and the Canton Fire Department will remain fully staffed in the coming days and weeks.