Andover Code Red Message

This is a message from the town of Andover regarding the gas line explosions and fires that occurred yesterday. There were approximately 2000 gas meters in Andover that were impacted during the event. The town has been able to identify the streets and neighborhoods that were not impacted and posted that “clear” list on the town’s website – Those residents can return to their homes. In most cases, those houses will have electricity, but in some cases, they will not.  If you were on that “clear” list and have returned to your home or business and out of precaution you had shut off your gas service, only a gas utility representative can turn your gas service back on. Do not turn the service back on yourself.

For the approximately 2000 gas meters that were impacted, those residents should not return to their homes. Gas utility representatives in conjunction with fire and police personnel are going door to door to shut off meters and check for residual gas within the home. This will continue throughout the night. Once all shut offs are complete, the electricity can be restored. We hope to be able to report significant progress throughout the weekend. This is only the first step. Restoration of gas service will require additional steps. We expect Eversource to provide regular updates about service restoration.

We recommend that you continue to monitor the town’s website for more information.