Oyster River High School Implements FLEX/Advisory Period to Enhance Student Learning

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Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018

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Oyster River High School Implements FLEX/Advisory Period to Enhance Student Learning

DURHAM — In a move designed to empower students and increase learning opportunities at Oyster River High School, a new schedule that will incorporate additional study and enrichment time takes effect in September.

The altered bell schedule will include an added 50-minute Flex/Advisory period each day before lunch, providing students and faculty with flexibility beyond their regularly scheduled classes.

During this period, students can meet with teachers in specific subjects where they need additional learning time, study for tests or quizzes, schedule college and career meetings, check in with their advisers and engage in enrichment activities.

School-wide or grade level assemblies can also be scheduled during this time to decrease the amount of instructional time that would otherwise be affected.

Additionally, students will have the opportunity to take seven classes, however not all courses will run every day. The change allows students to diversify their options and further their interests while factoring in workload and homework.

“Through the Flex/Advisory period, the goal is for our students to be empowered to make the appropriate academic and social decisions necessary for success at Oyster River High School and beyond,” ORHS Principal Suzanne Filippone said. “We recognize that this will be a transition for students and staff, however we will continue to work together to ensure this change is implemented as smoothly as possible.”

ORHS faculty, students and administration began the evaluation of the bell schedule in the 2016-17 school year, researching potential alternatives that better meet the district’s mission and vision of student learning.

To make the change work, ORHS moved from having 80-minute periods every two weeks to having them each week, mixed in with 50-minute periods.

Parents and community members who want learn more about the new bell schedule can do so by watching a previous School Board meeting here.