Attleboro Fire Department Warns Residents Ahead of This Week’s Snowstorm

Attleboro Fire Department
Chief Scott T. Lachance
100 Union St.,
Attleboro, MA 02703

For Immediate Release

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Contact: Benjamin Paulin
Phone: 781-428-3299
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Attleboro Fire Department Warns Residents Ahead of This Week’s Snowstorm

ATTLEBORO — On the heels of last week’s powerful March nor’easter that knocked down trees and caused widespread power outages, Chief Scott Lachance is advising Attleboro residents to prepare for a snowstorm that is expected to hit the region this week.

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning, flood watch and hazardous weather outlook for Bristol County, noting the potential for significant rain and snowfall and possibly high winds Wednesday morning into Thursday.

Attleboro is likely to see between four to eight inches of snow and wind speeds could reach 15 mph with gusts as high as 33 mph. 

“With the potential for power outages we ask that residents be prepared for prolonged periods without power,” Chief Lachance said. “Try to keep your cell phones charged and have extra batteries handy for flashlights and electric lanterns.”


  • Check the surrounding areas outside of your home and examine trees that have been weakened or uprooted from last weekend’s storm. If there is a tree that you believe is unstable and may fall, please contact a local tree trimming service company immediately.
  • Residents should be prepared for more power outages and stock up on batteries for flashlights or battery powered lanterns. If using candles, keep them away from anything flammable and never leave them unattended.
  • Establish an emergency plan with family and friends in the event of a long-lasting power outage. Make sure your home is equipped with a home emergency kit. For more information on home emergency planning, visit
  • Keep cell phones charged as much as possible. Consider a external battery for your mobile phone.
  • Clear any storm drains of debris from the last storm to avoid flooding.


  • Stay off the roads and stay indoors, if possible. Give plow and sand/salt trucks the space they need to operate.
  • If power goes out during the storm, contact National Grid at 1-800-465-1212. Residents can also call 211 or go online to for more information on available shelters and warming centers in the event of an outage.
  • To report a gas leak, call 911. Residents can also contact Columbia Gas at 800-525-8222 for gas-related issues.
  • If you have an emergency, call 911. If you experience flooding in your home contact the Attleboro Fire Department at 508-222-2325.


  • Do not go near or drive over any downed power lines.
  • Check your property for any trees that could be in danger of falling near your home or vehicles.
  • Clear any debris from storm drains near your home to allow water to drain.
  • Do not pump water from sump pumps into the road. The water can freeze and cause hazardous conditions if the temperature dips.