Hull High School Students Raise Money for Those Affected by January Blizzard

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Hull High School Students Raise Money for Those Affected by January Blizzard

Left to right: Hull High School students Lilly Whelan, grade 11, Shea Burke, grade 12, and Victoria Fuda, grade 12, with the check they sent to Wellspring following the Change for Good fundraiser. (Courtesy Photo Hull Public Schools)

HULL — Hull High School students held a fundraiser this month to help residents who were affected by the January blizzard.

From Jan. 22 to Feb. 2, students participated in the Change for Good fundraiser. Every day after lunch, each grade would collect their spare change to donate to Wellspring Multi-Service Center to help those in need.

In Hull, the blizzard caused extreme flooding, with water reaching the doors of some residents’ homes. Many people lost belongings and some residents were forced to evacuate.

The fundraiser served as a Class Cup Challenge, where students in each grade level competed against each other to see who could raise the most money.

Throughout the year, students in ninth through 12th grade partake in various activities deemed Class Cup Challenges. The grade who earns the most points from the challenges at the end of the year wins the coveted Class Cup trophy.

In total, HHS raised $179, with the sophomore class collecting the most money — $89 in change.

“Students wanted to be a part of the recovery efforts following the blizzard and really had a good time competing against their peers to see who could collect the most spare lunch money,” Assistant Principal Nicole Nosek said. “We know the storm in January really hit residents hard, so we are so glad to be able to partner with Wellspring to assist those in need.”