Greater Lawrence Tech Students Attend Skills USA Leadership Conference

Greater Lawrence Technical School
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Monday, Dec. 4, 2017

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Greater Lawrence Tech Students Attend Skills USA Leadership Conference

Top row, left to right: Joshua Breen and Kiaraliz Gonzalez. Middle row, left to right: Scarlette Santos, Kristine Smith (adviser), Ivana Perez, Ahliya Leclerc, Chris Garcia and Michael Ouellette (adviser). Bottom row, left to right: Peter Finch and Tyler Davis. (Courtesy Photo GLTS)

ANDOVER — Superintendent John Lavoie is pleased to announce that a group of Greater Lawrence Technical School students competed in the SkillsUSA Massachusetts fall leadership conference.

SkillsUSA is a national organization serving more than 300,000 high school and college students and professional members to provide experiences in leadership, teamwork, citizenship and character development. The organization’s guiding principles are centered on educating and developing the technical skills of future professionals. Its annual competitions give students the opportunity to showcase their technical and leadership qualities.

From Nov. 19-21 Ahlyia Leclerc, of Methuen, Scarlette Santos, of Lawrence, Tyler Davis, of Methuen, Peter Finch, of Lawrence, Josh Breen, of Methuen, Kiaraliz Gonzalez, of North Andover, Chris Garcia, of Lawrence, and Ivana Perez, of Lawrence, attended the leadership training in Marlborough to gain valuable skills that can be used in future SkillsUSA competitions.

“This was a great opportunity for students to refine their leadership qualities, meet their peers from throughout the state and put their talents to the test,” Superintendent Lavoie said. “The SkillsUSA competitions are something students look forward to each year and our GLTS representatives were able to bring back additional information on how to best perform in the district competition this spring.”

Upon arrival, students were broken up into teams with their peers from around the state to participate in a friendly competition that highlighted their academic and technical skills. Within each team, students were divided into smaller groups and given a specific task to complete based on a problem. (i.e. those in the membership promotions team were asked how they could grow SkillsUSA’s membership base).

On the last day of the conference, teams presented their projects to a panel of judges and were scored based on a how they solved their problem. GLTS students placed as follows:

Team Membership Promotions:
Silver: Ahlyia Leclerc- Biotechnology

Team Profile:
Gold: Scarlette Santos- Business Technology

Overall Team Quality Award (given to the team that presented the best project across all their sub-teams):
1st: 10th grade student Ahlyia Leclerc – Biotechnology
2nd: 11th grade student Tyler Davis – Automotive
3rd: 11th grade student Peter Finch – Health Careers
4th: 10th grade student Josh Breen – Information Technology and 11th grade student Scarlette Santos – Business Technology
5th: 11th grade student Kiaraliz Gonzalez – Machine Tool Technology
6th: 10th grade student Chris Garcia – Pre-engineering
7th: 10th grade student Ivana Perez – Plumbing

In addition to the competition, all students received their Leader Award for demonstrating leadership skills and mastering certain requirements in leadership, citizenship, teamwork, community service and environmental stewardship.

Leclerc earned her award within an hour of being at the competition, making her the fastest from GLTS to ever complete this task.