Video: Chelsea Resident Arrested After Narrowly Missing Pedestrians on Busy City Street

Submitted by the Chelsea Police Department 

A 56-year-old Chelsea resident was arrested Wednesday for Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence of Alcohol, Reckless Operation, Leaving the Scene of Property Damage, and a One Way Violation after causing a path of destruction near Chelsea City Hall and nearly striking several pedestrians.

At approximately 5:15 P.M., Jose Valle was operating a blue Chrysler PT Cruiser when he went on a wild ride.  Valle’s vehicle struck a parked car on Grove Street, drove down the stairs of the city’s Civil War monument, nearly struck three pedestrians who ran for their lives, crashed into a trash barrel and park bench, travelled across the City Hall lawn, and push several large pot plants across the City Hall lawn.

Rather than stop, the driver put his vehicle in reverse and continued his path of destruction by pushing another potted plant across the lawn, crossed Broadway as a dozen spectators ran for their safety, and crashed into one of the city’s antique light poles.  He then put the vehicle in forward and fled to Marlborough Street where his vehicle became disabled and he was taken into custody by Chelsea Police.

All of this was caught on one of the city’s homeland security cameras.  Valle submitted to a test of his breath for alcohol and was found to be a .25 which is three times the legal limit.

Valle will be arraigned Friday morning in Chelsea District Court.

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