Andover Police Department Implements New Addiction Protocols – Joins with P.A.A.R.I.


Chief Patrick Keefe
32 North Main St.
Andover, MA 01810

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2015

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Andover Police Implement New Addiction Protocols

Police Department to Hire Two Full-Time Staffers: Substance Abuse Clinician and Community Awareness, Education and Outreach Coordinator 

Department Partners with P.A.A.R.I.

ANDOVER —  Chief Patrick Keefe reports that the Andover Police Department is taking steps to combat opioid addiction in the community by hiring two full-time people to provide assistance, resources and help to residents in need.

The additional staff, which will work directly with Chief Keefe, are part of the police department’s overall mission to alter they way addiction is handled in town.

“We know that residents are struggling with the disease of addiction and we are committed to removing the demand in Andover by getting residents the assistance they need to recover,” Chief Keefe said. “Our goal is to save lives and educate the community about resources and available opportunities for treatment.”

Andover Police will partner with the Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative (P.A.A.R.I.) to help addicts by offering information and advice at no cost and by assisting those seeking treatment and recovery services, through its growing network of providers.

The Police Department is also working with Andover Youth Services and the Town’s Department of Public Health, which will hold a public overdose training in conjunction with the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center. Community members are encouraged to attend the free event at the Andover Police Station on Aug. 26 from 6-8 p.m. (Click here for the event’s flyer.)

Program Coordinator for Community Awareness, Education and Outreach

The program coordinator will develop, collaborate and implement programs for substance abuse prevention, addiction awareness and wellness and prevention for residents, businesses and families. The coordinator will:

  • Provide counseling services to individuals and families impacted by addiction, substance abuse and related mental health issues and make appropriate referrals to available programs and resources.
  • Facilitate meetings, programs and functions within the community and work with officials to maintain current policies and procedures to ensure the community is receiving current information.
  • Coordinate with town officials, the school department, businesses, families and individuals to implement programs.

Substance Abuse Clinician

Andover’s clinician will assist the program coordinator with promoting community awareness surrounding addiction, substance abuse and mental health issues, and will work to deliver educational and outreach information. Main areas of focus will include:

  • Helping residents access appropriate medical intervention services, including the inpatient/outpatient process, interventions, rehabilitation and recovery issues and the integration of addicts back into the community.
  • Offering counseling services to individuals and families impacted by addiction, substance abuse and related mental health issues.
  • Providing information, outreach and support to families and individuals so they may access referrals and programs and develop an understanding of the support needed to successfully address addiction issues.

Andover’s initiative is modeled after The Arlington Outreach Initiative, created by Arlington Police Chief Frederick Ryan to increase outreach and resources to addicts in the community.

About P.A.A.R.I.
The Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative (P.A.A.R.I.) was started to support local police departments as they work with opioid addicts. Rather than arrest our way out of the problem of drug addiction, P.A.A.R.I. committed police departments:

  • Encourage opioid drug users to seek recovery
  • Help distribute life saving opioid blocking drugs to prevent and treat overdoses
  • Connect addicts with treatment programs and facilities
  • Provide resources to other police departments and communities that want to do more to fight the opioid addiction epidemic

P.A.A.R.I. was created by Gloucester Police Chief Leonard Campanello and John Rosenthal to bridge the gap between the police department and opioid addicts seeking recovery. It launched shortly after Chief Campanello begin the Gloucester Police Department’s revolutionary ANGEL Initiative, which allows drug addicts to come directly to the police station, dispose of any remaining drugs or paraphernalia and be placed directly into a treatment facility without fear of arrest.