When I launched, I wanted to show that it wasn’t just another auto news site. It was going to be something created by Generation Y, FOR Generation Y. We aren’t expects — we can’t rebuild a transmission. But we like cars. We want to do more with cars.

We didn’t grow up fixing cars. Our dads did. We never had to — or were even marginally expected to — change our own oil. Headlights got replaced at the shop. For $20, you can get a wash and vac. Then, after a few years, you go and lease a new car anyway.

1006361_442198399228060_1074897917_n1So I spent about $500 and bought a 1987 Dodge Ram.

We’re fixing it up, teaming with PR agencies and automotive companies, and putting this baby back together. It’s a slow process, but it gives the website direction — we are learning with you, not talking down to you. We clean it, drive it, and sometimes I want to hit it with a hammer, but it’s fun. And it’s taught me a lot about the automotive industry.

As a publicist, this knowledge has helped position JGPR to service clients in the car sales, car parts, tuning/customizing, and auto repair fields.

We also have experts we can draw from to produce content, blogs, Tweets, and feature stories for your shop! But it all starts with this knowledge, and experience actually turning a wrench that sets us apart from other publicists.