Andover Health Division Shares Toy Safety Tips

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Thomas Carbone, Director of Public Health
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Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017

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Andover Health Division Shares Toy Safety Tips

ANDOVER — With many residents already beginning their holiday shopping, the Andover Health Division would like to remind the community of several safety tips to prevent injuries, especially when shopping for young children.

“It can be easy to forget that toys that may seem harmless could actually be dangerous, especially to younger children,” said Thomas Carbone, Andover Director of Public Health. “Please be cognizant of whether toys are age-appropriate and if they contain any parts or pieces that could pose a danger to the child using them.”

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 2016 there were an estimated 240,000 toy-related injuries treated in emergency rooms in the United States. Of these injuries, 39 percent were classified as lacerations, contusions or abrasions, and 45 percent were to the head and face area, the most commonly affected area of the body.

The Andover Health Division recommends the following tips provided by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission:

  • Check the label: Choose age appropriate toys by reading the age label on the toy. Children younger than 3 should not have access to toys with small parts, which can cause choking. Also avoid marbles and small balls for children under 3.
  • Get safety gear: With scooters and other riding toys, supervision is key along with proper safety gear that includes helmets. Helmets should be worn properly at all times and they should be sized to fit. Avoid riding a scooter on a street or roadway with other motor vehicles.
  • Hoverboards: Although not considered a toy, hoverboards should be compliant with UL 2272 safety standard.
  • Be careful with magnets: High powered magnet sets are dangerous and should be kept away from children under 14. Building and play sets with small magnets should also be kept away from small children.

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